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Frequently Asked Questions

What is safetyskills?

With a full-featured LMS option and over 13 million course completions to date, SafetySkills is the easy-to-use, flexible training program you've been looking for. Colleges and universities, retail and grocery, food services, hospitality services, oil and gas, municipalities, defense and homeland security, general industry.

Why choose safetyskills for online training?

Let us introduce you to a higher standard of online safety training, trusted by the world’s leading organizations. At SafetySkills we believe that effective training must engage the learner.

What is the safetyskills learning management system?

The SafetySkills Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud-based system that stores user information and training records. In some cases, this data is needed elsewhere to provide a seamless experience.

Why should I use safetysafetyskills?

SafetySkills makes that easy, with built-in tracking and reporting options available at your fingertips.

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