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Frequently Asked Questions

What is safetyplusweb™?

SafetyPlusWeb™ was initially designed to be used as an internal company resource. Upon its development in 2014, Safety Plus decided to release it as a stand-alone software product that would help companies across the United States manage effective and efficient safety programs.

What is safesafety plus?

Safety Plus strives to create a world in which safe work and productive work are one and the same.

How many safety training videos does safetyplusweb have?

Safety Training. SafetyPlusWeb comes pre-loaded with over 60 safety training videos and tests in both English and Spanish. Employees can train on their own remotely from any device, participate in group safety trainings with printed tests, or do both.

Where is safesafe T Plus made?

Safe T Plus is proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA. "It really makes driving a pleasure." —Jim Frolick , Athol, MA "There was a very positive and noticeable change in the handling."

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