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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes safebeds by George?

Beds By George, based in the USA, manufactures safety beds for children and adults that are designed to be beautiful pieces of household furniture as well as secure places for sleep. The company was started by Aaron Clow, a dad who wanted his daughter with special needs to have a bed that was safe and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Why choose beds by George beds?

Protection from Entanglement/Entrapment: Beds by George has designed their beds to reduce any gaps or openings that could pose the threat of entanglement or entrapment. Containment: Beds by George designs are created to help keep a user safely inside the bed while awake.

What is a safety bed?

Safety Beds are also referred to as Hospital Beds or Institutional Beds. There isn’t a firm definition for a "safety bed". Beds by George defines them as providing: Fall Protection: The structure should have some physical barriers to minimize the possibility that a user could fall out of the bed, whether awake or asleep.

Why choose rerehabmart safety beds?

Rehabmart is proud to offer top quality safety beds from highly respected vendors that include Beds by George, SleepSafe Beds LLC, KayserBetten and MJM International. Fully electric bed with height adjustment and full mattress articulation enable custom support.

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