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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened after the fall of Troy?

Answer Wiki. After the fall of Troy surviving Trojan Princes were killed or enslaved and surviving Princesses (Cassandra, Andromache, Hecuba) handed out to various Greeks as spoils of war apart from one who was sacrificed to the ghost of Achilles.

Was Troy part of Greece?

Ilion, Troia, Ilium. Troy. Troy was a city in the region of Asia Minor in modern-day Turkey, which was the setting of one of the most famous events in Greek mythology, the Trojan War. The Greek fleet set sail for Troy after the city's prince, Paris, abducted or, according to other sources, eloped with Helen, the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta.

What is the Battle of Troy in the Odyssey?

The Battle of Troy was a battle fought by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Frontier Militia , and a turning point in the Frontier War . Fifteen years prior to the Battle itself, the IMC flagship IMS Odyssey would undergo a mutiny in which James MacAllan would emerge victorious.

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