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Frequently Asked Questions

Who invaded Rome in 455?

Under the Vandal King Genseric, the Vandals sacked Rome in 455 AD and plundered the city for two weeks. Huns - The Huns were a nomadic warrior people who came from the east. Under the leadership of their leader Attila, the Huns defeated the Ostrogoths and invaded the Eastern Roman Empire.

Who sacked Rome in 455?

Fall of the Western Roman Empire. The sack of 455 was the third of four ancient sacks of Rome; it was conducted by the Vandals, who were then at war with the usurping Western Roman Emperor Petronius Maximus.

When did Vandals sack Rome?

The Vandals were a "barbarian" Germanic people who sacked Rome, battled the Huns and the Goths, and founded a kingdom in North Africa that flourished for about a century until it succumbed to an invasion force from the Byzantine Empire in A.D. 534.

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