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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to sack a city?

To sack a city is a concept imported from the latin languages [esp. French, mettre à sac] in the mid-16th Century to mean, essentially, putting a town or community ‘in the sack’, in the sense of taking its goods.

What happens when a city is taken by siege?

In ancient Greece, if you were in a city taken by siege, it was generally understood that you were not going to have a good time: It is a law established for all time among all men that when a city is taken in war, the persons and the property of the inhabitants belong to the captors. -- Xenophon, Education of Kyros 7.5.73

What happened in the sack of Rome in 1527?

1527 sack of Rome by the Holy Roman Empire. “They wept a lot; all of us are rich.” That was how one of the participants summed up the events of May 1527, when a mutinous army under the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V savaged the city of Rome.

How can a defender avoid a sack on a garrison?

4) If the Garrison decides to fight on, and the assault takes the town, a sack is allowed and the Garrison can be massacred. So basically a defender could avoid a sack by giving up earlier and saving the attacking army the time and losses continued resistance entailed.

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