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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a sack mean?

• SACK (noun) The noun SACK has 9 senses: 1. a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases. 2. an enclosed space. 3. the quantity contained in a sack. 4. any of various light dry strong white wine from Spain and Canary Islands (including sherry) 5. a woman's full loose hiplength jacket.

What does being sacked mean?

sacked, sack·ing, sacks To place into a sack: sacked the groceries. Slang To discharge from employment: sacked the workers who were caught embezzling. See Synonyms at dismiss. Football To tackle (a quarterback attempting to pass the ball) behind the line of scrimmage.

What is the difference between sack and bag?

In context|baseball|lang=en terms the difference between sack and bag is that sack is (baseball) one of the square bases anchored at first base, second base, or third base while bag is (baseball) first, second, or third base. is that sack is (informal) to discharge from a job or position; to fire while bag is (informal) a handbag.

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