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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concreting calculator?

Concrete Calculator The Concrete Calculator estimates the volume and weight of concrete necessary to cover a given area. Purchasing slightly more concrete than the estimated result can reduce the probability of having insufficient concrete. Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

How do I use the concrete by 60lb bag calculator?

The Concrete by 60lb Bag calculator computes the number of 60 pound bags of concrete and water needed to mix a volume ( V) of concrete. INSTRUCTIONS: Choose volume units and enter the following: ( V ) Volume of concrete needed. 60 lb Bags: The calculator returns the number of 60 lb bags needed and the gallons of water needed.

What is the volume of a 80 lb bag of concrete?

The approximate volume of concrete produced from a 80 pound bag is 0.6 ft³. To compute how many 80 lb bags of concrete is needed for a total volume, CLICK HERE. The calculator returns the number of 80 lb bags needed to mix that much concrete.

How do you calculate the volume of concrete?

1 Measure the length, width and height of the are where you plan to use concrete. ... 2 Convert the numbers in feet and inches into decimal feet. ... 3 Multiple the length times the width, and multiply this product by the height measurement to find the total volume, or cubic feet, you need to fill with concrete. ... More items...

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