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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Martinelli's products made?

Martinelli's is the brand name of S. Martinelli & Company, a juice company based in Watsonville, California. The company is privately held by descendants of the founders.

Why work at Martinelli & Company?

S. Martinelli & Company is an equal opportunity employer that complies with all state and federal labor laws, regulations, and guidelines. To be the Gold Medal brand of premium apple juice and sparkling cider products that help make every day a celebration.

Who owns Martinelli's apple juice?

The company is privately held by descendants of the founders. Martinelli's is best known for its non-alcoholic sparkling cider and its apple juice. The company also produces a sparkling hard cider.

Where can I buy Martinelli's gold medal products?

Martinelli’s Gold Medal products are available at most supermarkets, independent grocers, natural food stores, club stores, and drugstore chains.Use the Store Locator tool below to find Martinelli’s products at a nearby location or visit one of stores in the list below. Please note: some stores may not appear in search results.

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