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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the U . S . maintaining pressure on Russia?

The U.S. is maintaining its pressure on Russia as concerns rise regarding a potential further invasion of Ukraine, but top officials on the left and right appear to be at odds over the most appropriate strategy to deter the Kremlin from further advancing on Kyiv.

Are there punitive measures against Russia should it invade Ukraine?

While the U. S. and U. K. favor more punitive measures against Russia's economy should it invade Ukraine, there is hesitation in some European countries because of economic or diplomatic reasons.

Is the Russian embassy in Kyiv operating normally?

“Their information policy agenda is strange and unwise,” Zakharova told independent Echo of Moscow radio. "They’ve been shooting off their reports one after another, but all of them have missed.” She said Russia’s embassy in Kyiv was operating normally, refuting Western media reports that staffing had been reduced.

Is it true that Russia wants to destabilize Ukraine?

In recent days, the United States and Britain have aired allegations of two separate Russian plans to destabilize the Ukraine government and install a pro-Moscow government. Russian officials have denied the allegations.

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