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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word Rund?

Adjective. rund ( comparative runder, superlative am rundesten ) round, rounded, similar as in English, especially: circular. spherical, globular, ball-shaped. Synonym: sinwel (obsolete) ( euphemistic) corpulent, thick. (engine operation) regular.

Why choose Runde’s?

This approach was based on two things: Treating people with the respect they deserve. Making the sales process quicker. While other dealers were taking 3-4 hours of time selling customers a vehicle, Runde’s demonstrated they could do this in less than an hour.

Does Runde Auto Group offer free vehicle history reports?

Does Runde Auto Group offer free vehicle history reports for their used trucks and SUV’s? We do. We want our customers to have the peace of mind knowing the vehicle they’re about to spend thousands of dollars on does, in fact, have a clean history. For this reason, we offer a free AutoCheck report with nearly every used vehicle on our lot.

How do I contact Runde’s service department?

If you have questions about our hourly rate or about service items not listed on the menu, please give our Service Department a call at 866-735-5200. One of our service writers will be able to provide you with that information. Does Runde’s offer loaner vehicles for service or body shop customers?

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