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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Royale with cheese in Detroit?

Royale with Cheese. Royale with Cheese is an innovative, unique burger joint located in the heart of Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood. Detroit has become one of the most prominent foodie cities in America and Royale with Cheese exemplifies the city’s culinary culture: unique, creative, and delicious.

Is Royale with cheese a Good Burger?

The website says Royale with Cheese is a burger joint but the burger was underwhelming...hoping I just ordered the wrong one. I got Just a Burger with salt and pepper fries and a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake ($9 + additional $7 to make it a combo). The burger was standard. Not flavorful but not offensively bland.

Is Royale a good restaurant to eat at?

Employees are very nice and chill despite being understaffed. Royale has indoor and outdoor seating. My group and I sat outside where they had about five well-shaded tables. Overall, a good place for casual eats! Decide to give this place a try and I'm glad I did. It's a fast casual restaurant, but has a good atmosphere with some pretty good food.

Do you order the grilled cheese or the Royale?

I usually order the royale... with cheese and fries but the grilled cheese sounded good. It was like eating a breakfast sandwich with a piece of ham on the bottom and with the cheese sauce made the sandwich taste so good.

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