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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cool names for dogs?

Classic names from age-old mythology can also become cool dog names like “Zeus”, “Helena”, “Diana” or “Shiva”. Nature is also a rich source of unique dog names. Names like “Storm”, “Tide”, “Snow”, “Mist”, or “Thunder” will speak volumes of your dog’s behavior and personality.

What are the best female dog names?

A: Stella, Bailey, Coco, Bella, Sophie, Katie, Zoey, Molly, Pandora and Lexi are the most popular female puppy names according to petMD. Other common puppy na...

What breed of dog is Royal?

Pekingese. Known as the "Royal Dog of Madagascar," the Coton de Tulearis a rare breed once owned exclusively by royalty. Named for its cotton-like hair and in recognition of Madagascar's port city of Tulear, the breed's origin dates back to the 14th century.

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