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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the billing codes for a walker rollator?

Use code A9270 when an enhancement accessory of a walker is billed. The following is an example of the HCPCS codes a supplier might bill the Medicare program for a rollator walker with basket and hand braking system: E0143NU E0156NU A9270 (with a narrative in the NTE segment indicating the hand brakes)

What is the CPT code for a rolling Walker?

CPT Code for Rolling Walker. should have at least one 'new patient visit' CPT Code. ('99201','99202','99203' … Patients with HT: ICD-9 401.*-405.* and age ….. over a walker and had fallen twice at home since his discharge. He was ….. Roll out to all traditional practices.

What is Walker seat?

A rollator walker (also called four wheel walker, rolling walker or walker with seat) is a common mobility aid for elderly. The two front wheels swivel (similar to a grocery/shopping cart) and the rear wheels are fixed.

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