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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a walker and a rollator?

A walker has four legs and all four legs stay in contact with the ground when you are moving. The walker must be lifted in order to move forward. A rollator is often called a "rolling walker with a seat". A rollator has four wheels and brakes and does not need to be lifted to move forward. Rollators are easy to maneuver because the wheels swivel.

Is a rollator right for You?

A rollator is a great choice if you can balance yourself but need a place to sit frequently or you need help carrying oxygen tanks, or other necessities. A rollator is helpful if you have weakness in your arms and you have a hard time lifting up a regular walker.

What is the difference between a three-wheeled and four-wheeled rollator?

A three-wheeled rollator fits in smaller spaces, can make sharp turns, and has increased maneuverability. They’re lighter than four-wheeled options, however, their design means that they don’t offer a seat. A classic four-wheeled rollator offers stability and easy mobility. Rollators enhance mobility and walking speed.

What is the difference between economy and mid-range rollators?

Our economy rollators are functional and light with smaller wheels, starting at 6" in diameter. These rollators usually do not come fully assembled. Most people choose the mid-range rollators because they are sleek, have larger wheels and come with minimal assembly required.

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