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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies make robotics?

Universal Robots. This company is renowned for developing safe, flexible and easy-to-use robotic arms that serve a range of industries, including food and tobacco production, metal and machining, automotive and subcontractors, pharma and chemistry, furniture and equipment and scientific and research industries.

What colleges offer robotics?

The top two Colleges that offer Robotic engineering degree are Worcester Polytechnic Institute and University of Pennsylvania. WPI’s Robotics Engineering was the first such program in the nation to receive Engineering Accreditation from the Commission of ABET.

What are some examples of robotics?

Examples of Robotics. Industrial robots represent the real-world, practical application of robotics. Industrial robots from manufacturers such as FANUC and Motoman automate industrial tasks such as spot welding , palletizing , arc welding , machine loading , cutting, and many others. The experiences gained from educational robots and a STEM (science,...

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