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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get started in Roblox Studio?

How to open Roblox Studio. First go to your home screen,Second click the start menu,Third click all programs,Fourth click roblox then roblox studio.Then boom,you got it!So theres no need to download.This brick says the short way.

How do you make a world in Roblox Studio?

In order to create a model, follow these five simple steps. Open a place in Roblox Studio. Create the objects you would like to group together, and arrange them as you want them to be seen. Group your model by pressing CTRL + G on your keyboard. From the menu bar, select File, then Publish Selection to Roblox.

How do you sign into Roblox Studio?

Once you have installed it, open Roblox Studio by going to "Start", "All Programs", "Roblox", "Roblox Studio" and then sign into your account unless you need to set one up which can be done by clicking here. Go to Places and you should see a new button along with "Play" and "Build" which is titled "edit".

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