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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bobby Fischer the best chess player of all time?

Bobby Fischer is considered to be one of the best and phenomenal chess players of the history. He earned the Throne of the World’s Champion in 1972, defeating Spassky and becoming the 11th Chess Champion of the World. It seemed that Robert James Fischer lived only with chess.

Why is Bobby Fischer so famous?

Bobby Fischer was something like a star of chess, who brought chess into the mass media and to the attention of the general public. Later on after winning the World Championship in chess his achievements were presented in the media as proof that the American capitalistic system was superior to the soviet communistic system.

How old was Bobby Fischer when he became the Grandmaster?

He held the Title for only 3 years (from September 1, 1972 to April 3, 1975), but even today he is considered one of the best chess players. He started playing chess at the age of 6 and he became the youngest Grandmaster in the world when he was 15.

Did Bobby Fischer play the King's Indian attack?

Bobby Fischer enjoyed playing the King’s Indian Defense. Therefore, it is hardly surprising he played the King’s Indian Attack. The King’s Indian Attack is a universal system you can use against numerous black defenses. Here is GM Damian Lemos demonstrating how effective it is against the French Defense.

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