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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Rivian delivering cars?

The Georgia factory, which will start producing Rivian's next-gen vehicles in 2024, will have a capacity of 400,000 annually. The company says it now has over 71,000 preorders for its R1 vehicles, with most customers needing to wait until 2023 to take delivery.

When is Rivian truck going to be available?

The R1T is an all-new model from Rivian, and it'll start being delivered to customers by the end of 2021. It kicks off with a Launch Edition that starts at $74,145, but a more affordable Explore trim level is also offered.

How much does a Rivian truck cost?

How much will the Rivian cost? Rivian says the R1T pickup truck will start at $69, 000 and the Rivian R1S SUV will begin at $72, 500. Both prices are before a $7, 500 federal tax credit.

When will Rivian trucks be available?

September 29, 2021 By Chris Chase Electric vehicle startup brand Rivian looks set to become the first automaker to bring a battery-powered pickup truck to the marketplace with its R1T, which the company promises it will begin delivering to paying customers in January 2022.

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