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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Rite Aid Pharmacy Open?

Rite Aid drugstores are normally open between 8:00AM and 10:00PM on Sundays. However, Rite Aid pharmacy hours differ a great deal from Rite Aid drugstore hours.

How long does Rite Aid hold prescriptions?

Rite Aid is promising to fill prescriptions in 15 minutes or less. If a fill takes more than 15 minutes, the patient gets a $5 gift card.

What are the pharmacy hours for Rite Aid?

Business Hours. The business hours for Rite Aid depend on the location. Since the pharmacy operates seven days a week, typical business hours might be 8am to 10pm for your working days.

Are CVS and Rite Aid the same company?

CVS and Rite Aid are drugstore chains that sell items as varied as groceries and greeting cards. Both CVS and Rite Aid have pharmacies that offer services like flu shots. They also each have a rewards program that can earn shoppers major discounts. Who owns Rite Aid now? Walgreens

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