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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good riding horse?

Adults prefer them for the ease they provide at the time of riding. Forchildren, the solid mounts are great, Miniature horse breed thanks to their sizes. Known for their reserved, calm and docile temperaments, these horses are simply perfect to behandled. Besides, children feel safer riding them in the saddle.

What is the difference between western riding and English riding?

As far as riding goes, the main difference between english and western riding is that in english riding, the rider takes a direct contact with the horse's mouth via the reins and uses the reins as part of the "aids" (along with the seat and the leg) for speed and direction.

Is riding a horse like riding a bike?

Riding a Horse is Like Riding a Bicycle. Your ability to internally shift weight while still maintaining a balanced alignment of your skeleton over gravity is the essence of riding well. It is not as simple as just sitting in the middle of the saddle and using the stirrups or reins to help you stay atop the horse.

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