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Frequently Asked Questions

Is new leaf moving group a good company to use?

Overall Rating: 4.6 / 5 (Excellent) New Leaf Moving Group is a family-owned, South Florida-based moving service broker that provides, through the moving companies it hires on your behalf, both local and interstate moving and storage solutions> The company serves residential, military, and commercial customers.

Is new leaf moving over or under quoting?

Like a lot of these other people, New Leaf severely underquoted the amount of stuff we needed to move, even though they assured me they were over quoting. They subcontracted the move to another company who sent a truck (a tiny cube truck covered in graffiti) that wasn’t even big enough to load the underestimated quote.

How long does green leaf moving group take to ship?

Finally, Green Leaf Moving Group includes in their email outreach that your items are estimated to arrive between 3-15 business days. However, even though that is prominent in their email, their contract says 30 business days so there is no way to enforce the 3-15 timeframe they promote.

What happens when movers get to Your House?

Then once movers get to your house they RAISE the price once again, make you sign paper before even touching one item of yours. From day one you give dates you need for delivery but your things arrive 3 wks later. If you are unavailable they will keep your items and charge you storage fees.

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