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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Frontier Airlines so cheap?

Why is Frontier Airlines so cheap? The base fare is so cheap because it doesn't include anything that a passenger would reasonably expect from an airline: non-alcoholic beverages, seat assignments, carry on bags, more leg room than what a dwarf needs (28 inch pitch, incredible), etc. Once you add those things in, Frontier isn't cheap.

How is Frontier Airlines rated?

Frontier Airlines Frontier Airlines rounds out the rankings in 11th place with an overall WalletHub score of 37.09. The Denver-based ultra-low-cost carrier performs well when it comes to airfare, of course, but takes big hits in terms of in-flight experience and consumer complaint rate.

Is Frontier Airlines safe and reliable?

Frontier is as safe as any other carrier. Statistically, they're slightly less reliable. They have low customer satisfaction ratings but I put that down mostly to customers not understanding what they're getting into w/r/t extra fees and unbundled service / comfort options. It's just a different product from the full-service network carriers.

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