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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ruggable rugs any good?

Ruggable rugs are stylish 2-piece rug systems that are light-weight, stain-resistant and also machine-washable – making them ideal for parents and pet owners. The following Ruggable rugs review will cover key elements of the brand and its products, in order to help you make an informed purchase decision. Ruggable was founded by Jeneva Bell in 2010.

How do I contact ruggable customer care?

Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team at [email protected] Our team would be more than happy to look into the issue at hand and see how they can assist! Very nice rugs, I have 3 of the plush and they vacuum well and wash well. I have a total of 8 rugs from Ruggable and all are great.

How do ruggable washable rugs work?

Using cling effect technology, Ruggable washable rugs employ a patented 2-piece system. The bottom layer is a non-slip pad that grips the floor and acts as anchor for the inter-changeable cover. The technology keeps the cover securely attached to the pad until you remove it in order to change or wash it.

Will the rug cover ruin my rug?

You don't have to worry much about ruining your rug. All of Ruggable's rug covers are naturally stain-resistant and water-resistant, so they can stand up to pet messes, spilled drinks, and more.

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