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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ‘Dave’ finale earn each sentiment?

That the finale can earn each sentiment is a testament to Burd, Schaffer, and the whole “Dave” team’s intricate planning and inspired execution.

Does the finale answer every burning question about Waystar?

The finale didn't answer every burning question, but of course, in this sort of serialized format, nor did it need to. At the same time, it introduced a huge new unknown -- namely, what becomes of "Succession" if the battle for stewardship of Waystar is indeed lost, and what will the Roys do without that prize over which to fuss and feud?

Did the 'Game of Thrones' finale achieve a strange feat?

The “ Game of Thrones ” finale may have achieved a strange feat: Aiming for fan service while being constrained, by its very nature, to the reality that it would end up pleasing only very few.

What happened to Amalia at the end of the finale?

The finale doesn’t deal with the aftermath of the riot. It barely even shows Amalia’s mission to save the Galanthi. Instead, the episode does away with all of that momentum and is structured as a massive poorly explained info dump on how Amalia got here.

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