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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Yaz?

*When taken correctly and consistently, YAZ is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. This means that your chance of becoming pregnant is one in 100, if you take YAZ as instructed by your doctor or healthcare professional. As for not using a condom, if your boyfriend doesn't want to risk it, don't push him.

Is Yaz and Nikki the same?

Yaz and Nikki contain the same active ingredients, in the same amounts (ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg and drospirenone 3mg). They are both indicted to prevent pregnancy as well as treat acne vulgaris and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Does Yaz cause cancer?

Other serious side effects reported by Yaz and Yasmin users include: Blood clots. High blood pressure. Breast cancer. Reproductive organ cancer.

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