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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of restrictions?

restriction - the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary); "the restriction of the infection to a focal area". confinement.

What is the definition of restrictions?

Definition of restriction. 1 : something that restricts: such as. a : a regulation that restricts or restrains restrictions for hunters. b : a limitation on the use or enjoyment of property or a facility. 2 : an act of restricting : the condition of being restricted.

What is another word for restrictions?

Another word for restriction. The act of limiting or condition of being limited: circumscription, confinement, constraint, limitation, restraint. Something that limits or restricts: check, circumscription, constraint, cramp2, curb, inhibition, limit, limitation, restraint, stricture, trammel.

What is reasonable restrictions?

“Reasonable” Restrictions. They are priced out of the concealed carry market by abuses of “may issue” laws, or by the cost and difficulty of meeting the law’s training requirements, or by high bureaucratic fees. A fee that seems reasonable to a middle-class individual often falls far outside the reach of someone below the poverty line.

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