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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my ResearchGate RG score calculated?

With this in mind, your RG Score is calculated based on any contribution you share on ResearchGate or add to your profile, such as published articles, unpublished research, projects, questions, and answers. Our algorithm looks at how your peers receive and evaluate these contributions, and who they are.

What is the ResearchGate reputation score?

The RG Score is a metric that measures scientific reputation based on how all of your research is received by your peers. As an integral feature of ResearchGate, it can't be turned off or hidden.

Is the ResearchGate score a good example of a bad metric?

This article by Peter Kraker, Katy Jordan and Elisabeth Lex originally appeared on the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog as “The ResearchGate Score: a good example of a bad metric” and is reposted under the Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0). Further muddying the water, the algorithm used to calculate the RG Score is changing over time.

How does the RG score measure scientific reputation?

The RG Score measures scientific reputation based on how your work is received by your peers. We believe that researchers are the best judges of each other's work and that all a person's research, published or not, deserves credit.

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