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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResearchGate and how does it work?

Research & Publications ResearchGate is centered around research items – whether it’s adding your own and making them discoverable, finding interesting research in your field, highlighting or commenting on research, or reviewing other peoples’ work.

How was the data collected from the Research Gate?

The data was collected from the research gate (RG) platform and 35 subjects were selected from the subject area and seven different types of variables were selected from each subject i.e., Posts, Questions, Publications, Articles, Preprints, Conference paper, Literature review.

How do I merge publications in ResearchGate?

ResearchGate automatically merges publications where all information is identical, including title, date of publication, author list, and journal. Please note that if you have added both of the publications yourself or if the publication information is not identical in every way, they will not be merged automatically.

How do I add publications to my profile on ResearchGate?

ResearchGate makes it easy for you to add all types of research and publications to your profile. Click the large blue box at the top right of any ResearchGate page and then select the applicable publication type from the drop-down menu. Why aren't all my citations/references on ResearchGate?

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