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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use GT in research?

Ideally, GT is applied throughout the research process, that is, from conception of research questions to concurrent sampling and data analysis. However, GT also allows for the use of GT coding procedures after most or all of the data have been collected.

What skills are needed to conduct GT research?

Conducting GT research requires a balance between keeping an open mind and the ability to identify elements of theoretical significance during data generation and/or collection and data analysis.6

Why is the development of GT important to understand?

The development of GT is important to understand prior to selecting an approach that aligns with the researcher’s philosophical position and the purpose of the research study.

What is the contemporary approach to GT?

It is the contemporary writing, the way Birks and Mills present a non-partisan approach to GT that support the novice researcher to understand the philosophical and methodological concepts integral in conducting research.

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