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Frequently Asked Questions

What is researchers?

ResearcHERS empowers women to fundraise in support of women-led cancer research, but it's more than just a fundraising campaign. ResearcHERS is a movement. A sisterhood of purpose determined to sustain women-led cancer research and recognize the female trailblazers in the field.

What are some other words for researchers?

other words for researchers. analyst. investigator. scientist. analyzer. clinician. experimenter. tester. TRY researchers IN A SENTENCE BELOW.

What is the definition of a leading researcher?

/ rɪˈsɜːtʃə r/ us someone whose job is to study a subject carefully, especially in order to discover new information or understand the subject better: She is a leading researcher in the field. (Definition of researcher from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is the researchers campaign?

Across the nation, the ResearcHERS campaign raises money to fuel the work of some of the most innovative women-led cancer research. With support from programs like ResearcHERS, the American Cancer Society is conducting and funding ground-breaking research that could help save lives from all types of cancer.

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