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Frequently Asked Questions

What's another word for researcher?

Synonyms for researcher include experimenter, investigator, academic, analyst, analyzer, clinician, fieldworker, scholar, scientist and student. Find more similar ...

What are the characteristics of good researcher?

Qualities of a Good Researcher. A researcher would be good if he has no prejudice or bias study about a problematic situation but he is capable of providing clear information’s. Capacity of Depth Information. A researcher should have the capacity to collect more and more information in little time. Accuracy.

What are synonyms for research?

Synonyms for Research: n. • take, specialize, specialise, train, memorize, cram, learn, review. v. •examine, study (verb) look into, investigate, play around with, scrutinize, experiment, explore, look up, do tests, analyze, consult, read up on, inquire. •experiment (verb) try, prove, investigate, verify, check, analyze, assay, determine.

What is a synonym for research study?

Synonyms of study. delving, disquisition, examen, examination, exploration, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, probation, probe, probing, research.

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