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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is positionality important?

Positionality is an important consideration in action research because it not only directly influences how the research is carried out but also determines the prevailing outcomes and results—whose voice(s) will be represented in the final reports or decisions.

What is a positionality paper?

Positionality Paper. A positionality paper is one that explores the writer's position in the world--the events and circumstances that took place in order to make him or her the person that they are today in relation to the topic at hand and how these events and circumstances have affected their worldviews in general.

What is positionality in qualitative research?

Positionality requires the researcher to acknowledge and locate their views, values, and beliefs in relation to the research process. It is a self-reflection on how their views and position might have influenced the research design, the research process, and interpretation of research findings.

What is a positionality statement?

Positionality statement. Shows researcher's positionality by describing their lens, relevant research beliefs, relation to participants or context, and any possible influence the researcher might have in the research process.

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