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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I research the history of an artwork?

To learn about the history of a particular artwork, go to Exhibition Guides and Provenance. If all else fails, try Encyclopedias and Surveys. How Much Is Your Object Worth? Want to Research Prints or Find Posters? Find out How to Care for Your Collections. Want more? Resources for in-depth art research.

What is Materials Research?

Materials research ranges from physics, nanotechnology, mechanics, performance and design to biomaterials and sustainable resource use. Art and creativity enable looking at the grand challenges of our time from a new perspective. Look past the imaginable and join us in changing the world in art and design knowledge building.

What is artart?

ART is a set of simulation tools to generate synthetic next-generation sequencing reads. ART simulates sequencing reads by mimicking real sequencing process with empirical error models or quality profiles summarized from large recalibrated sequencing data. ART can also simulate reads using user own read error model or quality profiles.

Why study art at the National Gallery?

The National Gallery of Art Library and Archives offer exceptional resources for scholars and staff, as well as for visitors. The publishing arm of the National Gallery sees to a broad distribution of the community’s scholarship. The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts fosters the study of the history and meaning of art.

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