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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know the truth about turmeric curcumin?

The Truth About Turmeric Curcumin Is Finally Revealed And What It Means To You. Turmeric is actually one of natures most powerful fighters of the common cold. Turmeric is one of natures wonders and has even been proven to fight and kill cancerous cells. Along with this it is said to help with many types of arthritis.

Is turmeric bad for health?

Turmeric Overview. It has also been advised that people with gastrointestinal problems like ulcers and gallstones should shy away from turmeric and if you have a sensitive stomach, it may upset you. Studies have also shown that extraordinary amounts of turmeric can damage white and red blood cells.

Is turmeric really good?

Turmeric also contains magical nutrients -- the kind that practically cast spells to keep you strong and healthy. Turmeric is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat inflammation -- both inside and out. Uses include cancer prevention and treatment as well as treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and infections.

Is it better to take curcumin or turmeric?

There is no official consensus on whether it’s best to take curcumin or turmeric supplements. Most studies use extracted turmeric with a high concentration of curcumin or curcumin alone. Both turmeric and curcumin can reduce joint inflammation, cholesterol, blood sugar, as well as tumor, fungal and bacterial growth.

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