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Frequently Asked Questions

Is researchresearch verified body & breath a good brand?

Research Verified Body & Breath Review Many odor eliminating products exist on the market but this one stands out among them all for its exceptional quality of ingredients and fast acting results. It is by far one of the best products I have reviewed.

Who is research verified?

Research Verified is a vitamin and supplement manufacturer in the USA. Research Verified carries different supplements to help with health related issues. All products are manufactured in the USA and are cGMP certified. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. We’ll guide you through the process. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews

What is research verified’s return policy?

How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews This complaint involves with truth in advertising and the way customers are treated. Though Research Verified promises a 365 -day return policy, if you try products and return them, they cut you off from ordering again.

How accurate are out-of-body observations during near-death experiences?

The first prospective study of the accuracy of out-of-body observations during near-death experiences was by Dr. Michael Sabom.8This study investigated a group of patients who had cardiac arrests with NDEs that included OBEs, and compared them with a control group of patients who experienced cardiac crises but did not have NDEs.

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