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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current research areas in MIS?

Most of research areas in MIS are empirical. They concern with evaluation of existing IS, ERP adoption, SOA adoption, SOA Maturity Models. In Oman, the integration and the interoperability of the legacy systems is of paramount importance, where Web services and SOA play critical roles

What are some good Management Information Systems Research Paper topics?

I am sure the list of suggested management information systems research paper topics will help you to come up with own topics to write a great dissertation. A review of the Information Systems Management at British Energy. The use of information systems for management of epidemics in war-torn areas- a systematic review.

What are the trending topics in MIS these days?

Big Data, Social media as an effective watchdog in ensuring sanity for good governance. There are many trend topics (IoT, Cloud computing, Colud systems like Cloud ERP, Big Data, Gig and Platform economy ect. and their effects on business) related to MIS.

What is the role of MIS in decision making of organizations?

Decision making is a major metric to determine the organizations success or failure. This paper focuses on understanding the need, benefits, types of MIS, the MIS model, decision making system and majorly the role of MIS in decision making of the organization.

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