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What is a synonym for research study?

What emerged was something that would serve scholars beyond UI. The Korean Studies Research Network, or KoRN — an acronym fit for Iowa — is a research hub where students throughout the Midwest can learn about a nation whose influence is growing significantly, through seminars, speaker series and workshops.

What is another word for researching?

Synonyms for researched include investigated, examined, explored, probed, studied, analysed, looked into, scrutinised, scrutinized and experimented. Find more similar ...

What is the word research?

research (n.) 1570s, "act of searching closely" for a specific person or thing, from French recerche (1530s, Modern French recherche), back-formation from Old French recercher "seek out, search closely" (see research (v.)). The meaning "diligent scientific inquiry and investigation directed to the discovery of some fact" is attested by 1630s.

What is another word for researchers?

WORDS RELATED TO RESEARCHER examiner nountester analyst appraiser assayer auditor checker inquirer inquisitor inspector interrogator investigator prober proctor questioner quizmaster quizzer researcher reviewer scrutinizer fact finder nounresearcher of facts finder of fact research worker researcher researchist inquirer nounquestioner

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