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Frequently Asked Questions

Does research support esp?

Furthermore, research studies have been reported that appear to support the existence of ESP, including an influential series of experiments analyzed by psychologist Daryl Bem of Cornell University. These studies, however, gave little insight into the mechanisms - normal or paranormal - that produced the anomalous results.

Is ESP research pseudoscience?

ESP is classed as a pseudoscience by the scientific community. Evidence to support the existence of ESP is more often than not purely anecdotal ("Well, my friend swears that she knew I was going to call when I did!") or at least subject to extreme bias and selective reporting.

What is ESP mind reading?

Mind reading is a type of ESP where a person "sees" what is in another person's mind. Mind reading is also called telepathy. The scientific study of telepathy began over one hundred twenty years ago when it was called psychical research.

What are the types of ESP?

These abilities (along with other paranormal phenomena) are also referred to as psi. The major types of ESP are: Telepathy: the ability to read another person's thoughts. Clairvoyance: the ability to "see" events or objects happening somewhere else. Precognition: the ability to see the future.

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