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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in 5G network technology?

Original papers are invited on Networks, Wireless and Mobile, Protocols and Wireless Networks and Security. The launch of the new mobile network technology has paved the way for advanced and more productive industrial applications based on high-speed and low latency services offered by 5G.

Is cooperative communication the future of 5G wireless networks?

Abstract Cooperative communication is regarded as a promising technology in future 5G wireless networks to enhance network performance by exploiting time and/or space diversity via distributed terminals. In this

Is 5G based on cognitive radio?

5G Based on Cognitive Radio network. This paper proposes 5G through the CR technology: the CR offers the possibility to inter- connect in a functional way the existing wireless technologies and, thus, it offers a complete integrated 5G wireless access network.

What is 5G and how will it affect mobile data?

The 5G networks and the associated IoT will greatly increase the number of wireless devices compared to the present situation, necessitating a high density of infrastructure. Thus, a much higher mobile data volume per geographic area is to be created.

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