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Frequently Asked Questions

What is research methods for a level sociology?

It has primarily been written for students studying the A Level Sociology AQA 7192 specification, and incorporates Methods in the Context of Education. Research Methods Top Ten Key Concepts – start here if you’re all at sea – includes simple explanations of terms such as validity, reliability, representativeness, Positivism and Interpretivism

How long does it take you to revise a research method?

Here’s a general plan of how I tend to revise each research method with my students, for A level sociology, focussing on social surveys revision. The link above is to the section of the revision hand-out I use (working through it should take about an hour).

How do sociologists get the data they need?

If a sociologist is conducting her own unique sociological research, she will normally have specific research questions she wants answered and thus tailor her research methods to get the data she wants. The main methods sociologists use to generate primary data include social surveys (normally using questionnaire),...

What do I need for as and a level sociology?

Research Methods Key Terms – To be on the safe side I’ll say that this covers most of the concepts you’ll need for the methods aspects of AS and A Level sociology. Ethics/ ethical factors – ethics means taking into consideration how the research impacts on those involved with the research process.

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