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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of sociological research methods?

There are many different methods to conducting sociological research but they are generally divided into two main categories: quantitative sociology and qualitative. Sometimes to verify results both are used in mixed-methods research in a process known as "triangulation".

What is the most commonly used method in sociology?

Sociological research can have three distinct goals: description, explanation, and prediction. Description is always an important part of research, but most sociologists attempt to explain and predict what they observe. The three research methods most commonly used by sociologists are observational techniques, surveys, and experiments.

What are the methods used by sociologist?

Sociological methods include the same methods used in other social science disciplines, such as experimentation, observation, surveys, quasi-experiments, content analysis and focus groups. Sociological researchers use both quantitative and qualitative methods to test hypotheses.

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