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Frequently Asked Questions

Why ffl123 Sot guide?

That means his SOT guide isn’t just another by the numbers application guide. It is the cumulative business, and industry knowledge of a lifetime, and it is available to you at the cost of a nice dinner out. Is it any wonder then that FFL123 has helped over 100,000 Americans get their FFL’s and SOT’s?

What is research and development (R&D)?

Research and Development (R&D) is the term commonly used to describe the activities undertaken by firms and other entities such as individual entrepreneurs in order to create new or improved products and processes.

Can a Type 01 FFL become a Class 3 Sot?

Because the Type 01 FFL is very popular, and many FFL holders only wish to engage in resale, not manufacturing, a great many FFL holders go for the Class 3 SOT and become “Class 3 Dealers”. How Do I Apply for an SOT?

What can you import with a Type 08 FFL?

Use the Class 01 SOT with a Type 08 FFL if you are importing NFA items like machine guns and other traditional firearms or silencers. When used with a Type 11 FFL, you can import more exotic things like explosive munitions, artillery, or other such things.

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