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Frequently Asked Questions

Is research and development a product cost or period cost?

Product costs relate the costs associated with making our current products. Research and development deals with creating new products or improving products, not with the production of current products. Therefore, R & D is not a product cost.

What is a research and development expense?

Research and development (R&D) describes activity or expense associated with the research and development of a company's goods or services. R&D expenses are a type of operating expense and can be deducted as such on a business tax return.

Why are research and development costs expensed?

Research and Development costs are one of the most important expenses on the income statement for certain types of enterprises because they represent future growth, innovation, and, if well-managed and executed, profits; a stream of outlays that could very well turn into a cash generating powerhouse years down the line.

What does product development really cost?

Costs: Medium: Depending on complexity of product and volume of output Minimum 3 months of development time Costs typically start at $30,000 for basic products and move upwards depending on manufacturing process, volume and development time involved.

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