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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BMW do for research and development?

Research and Developement at BMW. There's no need to predict the future. You can create it. Research and development is where our visionary teams dare to imagine new ways for mobility to move us – and perfect the next-generation of pioneering technologies that will bring this future to life.

Where is BMW doing research and development in Munich?

BMW is opening research and development in Munich. The FIZ Projekthaus Nord is a new building complex which expands the Munich Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ), one of the largest R&D locations in Europe.

How much does BMW spend on R&D each year?

BMW research and development spend to hit record as the firm looks to electric future. BMW group is to spend as much as $8.6 billion on R&D in 2018. The German carmaker will unveil 20 new models this year.

What is BMW doing to develop autonomous driving?

An employee polishes the hood of a BMW AG 7-Series sedan at the assembly line. The company has set up a development campus outside Munich devoted to the development of autonomous driving; at least 100 million euros is to be spent on battery-cell research.

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