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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Republic Wireless offer home internet?

Republic Wireless does not offer home internet service. Republic Wireless offers low cost mobile phone service.

Does Republic Wireless have roaming charges?

Republic states that since only 1.7% of its users account for 60% of their wireless data roaming charges, it seemed fair to reduce roaming access to those users in order to maintain lower costs for the rest of the member base that doesn’t access data roaming.

Does Republic Wireless offer toll-free numbers?

Answer. Republic Wireless not offer toll-free numbers for use. Article Created From. 1274657.

Does Republic Wireless offer phones for free?

Deal: Get 2 FREE months of service when you purchase an annual plan with Republic Wireless. You won't need to worry about any phone bill for a whole year, plus you'll be saving a good chunk of change in the process.

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