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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Republic trash services?

Republic Trash Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Republic Trash is (702) 599-5624 . Republic Trash is a solid Waste Management company based in USA. Republic Trash was established in 1996 since then success stories goes on as Republic Trash is the second largest waste management company in USA.

What is the phone number for Republic Waste Management?

Phone Number of Republic Waste Management is (480) 627-2700 . Republic Waste Management is the second tremendous non-dangerous solid waste management industry in the country of USA.

Where can I dump trash for free?

•Short answer: Waste Management customers can dump a pickup’s worth of trash for free four times a year, with proof of residency and being paid up on their bill. There are also dates coming up soon for free disposal of appliances and couches at transfer stations, as well as multiple free dump days at the nearby Lockwood Landfill.

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