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Frequently Asked Questions

What does related to mean?

related, related to adjective. being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics "painting and the related arts"; "school-related activities"; "related to micelle formation is the...ability of detergent actives to congregate at oil-water interfaces" related adjective. connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage

What are synonyms for related?

WORDS RELATED TO RELATED. affiliated. adjectiveassociated. connected. joined. related. united. agnate. alike. adjectivesimilar. Xerox. akin. allied. analogous. approximate. associated. carbon copy. cognate. comparable. concurrent. correspondent. allied. analogous.

What are synonyms for relating?

synonyms for relating to. Compare Synonyms. analogous. corresponding. proportionate. related. contingent. dependent. parallel.

What does relating to mean?

v.intr. 1. To have connection, relation, or reference: how education relates to income; a question relating to foreign policy. 2. To have or establish a social relationship; interact: She relates well to her peers. 3. To understand or react favorably to someone or something: I just can't relate to these new fashions.

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