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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lost Ark a good game?

Lost Ark is a fantastic, free-to-play MMORPG that features exciting combat, attractive visuals, and a seemingly endless endgame. Excellent Diablo-like combat struggles to make up for a grind levelling process baked into a cookie-cutter MMORPG template. Overall, Lost Ark feels like a reward after so many hashed-out and rocky launches of new games.

What is the best way to play Lost Ark?

All content is playable in the game with the Deck and a good internet connection, including Hard Mode Vykas (current end game). The best use case is grinding quests, chaos dungeons, guardians, Argos etc while travelling, in bed…you can get creative. The Steam Deck frees you from the computer for a bit and is a great way to play Lost Ark.

How long has the Lost Ark game been around?

the reason you feel that way is because Lost Ark started their development 10 years ago using Unreal Engine 3. Since the graphics and engine in the gaming industry had their dramatic upgrades and new techs have been popping out during the decade, the game may feel outdated hence "feel like a mobile game" to some gamers.

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