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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I troubleshoot the red light on my HP laptop?

Contact HP Customer Support if the issue persists. The red light blinks five times, and then four, short white light blinks This condition indicates the embedded controller reaches its time limit waiting for the BIOS to return from system board initialization. Remove all accessory devices from the notebook.

Why is my battery light on on my HP laptop?

HP Notebook PCs - Battery Indicator Light Turns On and Off While Battery is Charging If the battery charge LED indicator light turns on and off while AC power is connected and the battery is still charging, the battery is simply in a low-charge state. HP Notebook PCs use lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries.

What does the red light on the power button mean?

I would have expected the laptop to start on the mains power but alas. I suspect the red light means the battery is dead so it would be nice to re calibrate it if the laptop would start up. I've tested with a altimeter and the power is getting to the battery terminals, also cleaned them.

Why is the power led on my laptop red?

> I managed to get it working again but now the power led is red. It should be green. Correct. You have a "hardware" problem: * failing processor. It would be easiest to temporarily connect a different power-supply.

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